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Deadpool :: Do’s and Don’ts

Deadpool :: Do’s and Don’ts

Hello again Mouseventurers! It’s that time again, time for another movie review by yours truly, MV’er Numero Uno! This time, we’re going to take  a look at Fox’s newest masterpiece theater from the Marvel Franchise (seriously, how many Marvel characters has Fox bought the rights to?), Deadpool. There’s been a lot of controversy over this movie for quite some time now. So, I thought I’d give you a little insight into Deadpool himself, how the movie came about, why there’s controversy over the movie, and some Do’s and Don’ts of this movie.

So for starters, he was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza in 1991. He made his first appearance in issue number 98 of the New Mutants comic book. Originally, Deadpool was actually a villain. He was hired in that comic to attack Cable and the New Mutants by Tolliver. After that issue, he began making recurring appearances in the X-Factor comics. After that, he began making appearances in multiple comics. In 1993, he was given his own mini series called The Circle Chase. A year later, he was given another mini series named after him. Finally, in 1997, he was given his own ongoing title that shot him into stardom as the mouthy, comical, anti-hero mercenary we all love. That ongoing series spun into numerous self title comic series for years that still continue to this day.

Epic Fail Deadpool.

So now that the history is established, onto the movie. Deadpool’s been in numerous films through the years, but they were mostly animated. The first live action movie featuring the mouthy merc was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as far as I can remember. However, his appearance in this film was a laughable joke and a galaxy-sized insult to the character with the way he was portrayed, the changes made to his backstory, and the powers given to him. It’s no secret why fans of Deadpool were furious with Fox over their portrayal of him. And Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool in that movie and again in this new one, was also furious as he IS a huge fan of the character and has always been. So then how did this movie come about when the first appearance of him was so tragically terrible? It all started back in 2014, I believe (I can’t remember the exact date), when test footage for the movie “mysteriously” leaked onto the internet. Irregardless of the fact that the footage was animated, fans of the merc immediately began running to Fox and begging, petitioning, and screaming and hollering for a Deadpool movie to be made. In fact, the outcry was so unbelievable huge, that Fox gave the green light for the movie in just 24 hours after the footage leaked!! So finally, the movie we all wanted was getting made.

Ok, so everyone is asking for this movie, so why the controversy. Well, over the years, Deadpool has made appearance on several cartoon shows where he was toned down for kids. In his comic books, Deadpool was known, and gained much popularity from avid readers, for saying practically anything that came to mind, no matter how foul mouthed it was. He was, and frankly is, comic gold in the comics. But, by being toned down and appearing in cartoons that kids watch or have access to watch, they eventually became fans of him. And so when the movie was announced, those same kids decided that they wanted to see the movie featuring their new favorite comical cartoon character. However, the movie was being made to favor the larger adult audience and fan base of the character. They were doing it this way to not only stay true to the way the character actually is, but to also keep Deadpool’s hardcore adult fans happy. So the movie was given an R rating because of everything in the movie. The controversy developed because parents wanted Fox to make drastic changes to the movie so that they could take their children to see a movie about a murdering, foul mouthed mercenary. Also, when the movie released, there were a lot of people going to see it not only because it looked good, but also because there was a lot of hype for the movie. People that did not have a working and healthy knowledge of the character, and as such were angry and disappointed at finding out what he was like, when if they had researched the movie or the character, they could have saved themselves money and time.

Deadpool: The One & Only!

So finally, onto the Do’s and Don’ts for the movie. I figured, since this review is already so long, I’ll put these in a numbered list format, to try and save space and reading time. So here we go:
  1. DO be sure to research the character if you don’t know anything about him, before deciding to go see his movie.
  2. DON’T take children to see this movie. As I stated above, the movie is rated R, and for good reason. There’s plenty of foul language in the movie, but also blood, guts, gore, violence, nudity, and sexual content, lots of things you probably don’t want your children seeing.
  3. DO be sure to read a few of Deadpool’s comics before you go to see the movie. You can find plenty of graphic novels (comics) online or in stores. And you can get some good deals on some older comics.
  4. DON’T go see this movie unprepared and then leave early and rant online about the language, nudity, violence, etc. because you didn’t do your homework before hand.
  5. DO keep an open mind about the movie and go see it. It truly is a masterpiece, speaking as a huge fan of Deadpool. This is a movie that Deadpool fans have always wanted and needed. It really is very funny, with a great plot, story, character development, action, stunts, even the CG is great!
  6. DON’T discredit the movie and refuse to see it just because someone else told you not to, or because they said they didn’t like it. Go see it for yourself and form your own opinion. What’s the worst that can happen? You spend a little money and time? There are 525,600 minutes in every year and over 39 million minutes in an average lifetime. Given that, just about anyone can spare a trivial amount of 108 minutes, when you have millions more left to you. And they print money all the time. $10 is a trivial amount to pay to be able to say you took a chance and watched a movie in the theaters. Only a fool would pass up on something as trivial as watching a movie over a matter of things outrageously common like time and money.

So to wrap up, Deadpool is a great movie for ADULTS to see, not children. It’s a great movie to watch, and I highly recommend you see it, but only after you research the character and know a few things about him. Doing so will help you understand the movie and the character more, and you’ll be able to laugh at the jokes in the movie easier. Keep in mind, too, that with the wild success of this film, which had a rather strangely low budget for this amount of opulence, there will be more super hero movies with R ratings. There’s already talks of an R rated Wolverine movie. Adults want to see comic character movies made for adults, and not flowered down comic movies that cater to children. And movie studios will try to emulate Fox’s success with Deadpool by doing this. Just be sure to screen those movies before taking your children to see them. Or you can look to us here at MouseVENTURES to see if the movie is kid worthy.

So without further ado, this is Zach signing off for MouseVENTURES saying have a great night at the movies!

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I’m an accountant by trade, a former cast member, a huge Disneyphile and an even bigger movie buff. My love for Disney came about after I met my late wife in 1999. We participated in an internship with Disney in 2005 where we worked in the parks. I worked on The Backlot Tour & at the ABC Commissary at DHS. I’m extremely excited to continue bringing the magic to all of you.
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I’m an accountant by trade, a former cast member, a huge Disneyphile and an even bigger movie buff. My love for Disney came about after I met my late wife in 1999. We participated in an internship with Disney in 2005 where we worked in the parks. I worked on The Backlot Tour & at the ABC Commissary at DHS. I’m extremely excited to continue bringing the magic to all of you.

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