So by now most of us die hard Disney fans have heard the news. Disney’s PhotoPass system will begin getting a bit more automated beginning next year. I for one am not a huge fan of this because I think it’ll hurt guests experiences rather than improve them. I also think that Disney will be hurt right along guest experience because wherever these automated cameras are installed fewer guests will show up.

As noted in the tweet, Disney doesn’t seem to be all that worried about guests experiences and they also don’t seem to mind that so many people are already voicing concern over these camera installments.

Now I realize that out of hundreds of locations only 9 of them will be automated, but this is just the beginning. Who knows how many they will really add (if it works to their advantage). Let’s not forget, Disney has a bottom line to meet just like any business, but I think this is one place they should not cut corners.

I don’t think an automated camera will ever be able to capture those special moments between characters and guests (like the one here with my three y/o and Cinderella)  like a real live human photographer can. Candid moments will be forever lost and so will the magic of Disney.

So, in my opinion, for a company that makes its business making guest experiences magical ones, I think this effort to cut costs is ill placed and they could have found a better place to cut the costs. It’s time to tweet folks, let them hear ya. @WDWToday